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FIC: Paint 1/1 
10:27pm 22/07/2006
mood: accomplished

Challenge Number 2
Title: Paint
Author: Ismene
Pairing: Hint of one-sided Thom/Kyan, and possible Carson/Jai, Carson/Kyan
Rating: R? Maybe a mild NC-17
Disclaimer: The boys are their own, and I'm not contending that any of this is real or true. If I controlled them...well, let's just say they'd be naked a hell of a lot more often. It's fiction, people. Get over it.
Summary: Based off the end of the circus episode - "You look like a slut," Ted tells Kyan, and my brain went haywire. 500 words, one-shot.

Tjuz Me
about time I posted a new word list, don't you think? 
05:50pm 27/07/2004
  I'm such a lame-o for not having kept up with this, but here ya go:

Trick, tease, kosher, lean, and demure

No due date at this time.
Tjuz Me
Kai Dreaming 
12:54pm 27/07/2004
mood: crazy
-Challenge number: 1
-Title: Kai Dreaming
-Author: Jamie
-cast: Carson, Kyan, Jai, Narrator
-Rating: PG-13
-Disclaimer of some kind- I don’t own the fab 5
-I hope you enjoy it!

Kai DreamingCollapse )
2Tjuzes|Tjuz Me
09:31pm 28/04/2004
  Response to fab5challenge's Challenge No. 1
Title: The Elder Statesmen
Author: morganya
Pairing: Ted/Carson
Rating: NC-17. Yeah. I'm scared too.
Disclaimer: This is an entirely fictional story, written about real people. Blah blah blah I'm going to the special hell.

The Elder Statesmen.Collapse )
12Tjuzes|Tjuz Me
09:11pm 27/04/2004
mood: nervous
-Challenge number: 1
-Title: I Never Thought You'd be the One to Leave Me So Alone
-Author: Lauren (lovinlupin46)
-pairing and any guest appearances: Kyan/Ted with talk of Ted/Barry
-Rating: PG (Implied sex scene, but nothing even close to graphic because I'm just bad at it.)
-Disclaimer of some kind: I don't own the Fab 5 because if I did that would be a bit weird, don't you think?
-Any author's notes: I can't honestly tell you WHAT is possessing me to post this. I have never ever written any fan fiction (or slash for that matter) in my life and this is really not that good. It's not beta'd and I wrote it very quickly. So just, please, be gentle. It's my first time. Ah yes, and the whole story is very angsty and doesn't have a happy ending...just a little warning ;) Yeah..and I've never done a challenge before so I may have even messed that part of it up. *face palm* Just tell me if I did and I'll try and fix that up.
Kyan and Ted shared an unspoken bond...Collapse )
5Tjuzes|Tjuz Me
02:07pm 27/04/2004
mood: accomplished
It's in the early stages obviously, but I created a website to archive everyone's stories, with your permission of course. The URL is in the user info, so please take a moment to look it over and tell me what you like/hate about it. I'd really love for both the community and the site to take off.

Also, I have left the due date for the first challenge open for now until things start to pick up(hopefully)

I think that about covers it, thanks:)
Tjuz Me
Challenge #1 
12:31pm 25/04/2004
  your five words are:

Lettuce, candle, cork, sweep, and evidence

Due Date: open until further notice
2Tjuzes|Tjuz Me